Still Poppin' Fundraiser

Support Pear Tree and enjoy delicious Still Poppin Popcorn. Everybody wins!

still poppin.jpg

The fundraiser runs from November 4 through November 30. Orders are freshly prepared and will be received by the second week of December. Payment is due at the time of order.


At check out, please enter the name of the dancer you are ordering from if you are supporting a specific student's fundraising efforts.

About Still Poppin:

Still Poppin Gourmet Popcorn is a gourmet popcorn business in Omaha, NE. Vision Our vision is to become the premier self-funded, black woman owned, gourmet popcorn business (one day franchise) in the USA. Mission Our mission is to provide customers with fresh popcorn “Poppin” with great flavors. Our mission also is to connect with our customers and community by investing back into our communities. Our location is in a historic predominately black neighborhood. We want to bring jobs and economic empowerment into our communities. Our mission is to show others like us that we can own, we can achieve…just believe.

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