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Our Programs

Jazz and Hip Hop I and II
Jazz and Hip Hop class is a fun class that lets you forget about the conformity of the other techniques. This is a street style of dance open to interpretation from each individual. It involves using energetic moves to express the feeling you get from the music. This class introduces hip hop culture, bboy/bgirl style, funk, and intro to breaking.  Level II is building on foundational work and introducing choreography. Coed class. Students wear comfortable dance attire. No jeans. 

Creative Movement/Creative Drama
Ages 2 1/2 - 5


Fun foundational classes focusing on movement, music, and creativity! Students will learn to move to music, beginning tumbling and beginning dance and drama principles. 

Ballet - Classes for ages 6 years and older. 

These classes solely focus on the fundamentals of ballet and ballet terminology. Dancers need tights, leotards, and ballet shoes (leather or canvas). Shorts, skirts, or dance pants may be worn over.

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Jazz, Jazz-Funk, and Hip Hop - Classes for ages 6 years and older

Jazz, Jazz-Funk, and Hip Hop classes are fun and technique based!  These styles involve using energetic moves to express the feelings you get from the music and use whole-body movement. Each class explores the history and culture of each style. Jazz classes require jazz shoes. Hip Hop and Jazz Funk require tennis shoes. No jeans or sandals.

Lyrical, Modern, and Contemporary - Classes for ages 10 and older

This class is based on Lyrical, Modern, and Contemporary Dance techniques and explores legendary dancers and choreographers. Students learn to move freely and interpret the music and be expressive. Students also learn improvisation and begin to choreograph their own pieces. Dance attire is required. Jazz, Ballet, or Lyrical/Contemporary shoes required.

Drama Class
Acting and MusicalTheater - Classes for ages 6 years and older

Students work on building the basis for theater work – mind, and body.  We focus on understanding our bodies and the way in which we are able to execute dance movements. Students will also learn acting techniques, dance for the stage, musical theater, technical theatre, voice, costume design and more!

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Tap and Jazz Combo Class in Partnership with the Omaha Jitterbugs - ages 4-up

Tap and Jazz combination class for students to get the best of both worlds! Rich Tap and Jazz history and lots of fun! Tap shoes and Jazz shoes required. Any comfortable dance clothing is acceptable.

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Try a FREE Trial Class

Trial classes are an excellent way to gauge a child's interest in dance if he or she has never taken classes before. Register for a trial week!.

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Competition Team - Forming NOW

Competitive dance is a great way to build technique and gain confidence. Open to dancers 6 and up. Email Ms. Natasha at to inquire.

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